Car Accidents

In Virginia, One Mistake Can Lead to Denial of Your Car Accident Claim

If you have been injured in a car crash in Virginia, it only takes one mistake to prevent you from obtaining a financial recovery. For example, simply telling an insurance adjuster that you were speeding before the accident can result in the denial of your claim based upon the legal concept know as contributory negligence. This may happen to you even though the other driver was 99 percent at fault.

From our office in Leesburg, we represent car accident victims throughout Northern Virginia. If you have suffered a serious personal injury in any kind of motor vehicle accident, including motorcycle and semi-truck accidents, it's important to talk to a lawyer as soon as possible. We can protect your rights and inform you of what you can reasonably expect. Call 703-777-6801 to talk to an attorney about your car accident.

What the Insurance Company Will Try to Do

Some insurance companies have been known to use language barriers and cultural differences to get car accident victims to settle their cases for pennies on the dollar. They will try to get you to make statements that can be manipulated to damage your case — or prevent you from obtaining any compensation at all. Insurance companies will ask you to discuss your medical condition and use those statement against your doctor's expert opinion.

Virginia uses "contributory negligence" as the legal standard in determining whether you can recover damages in an auto accident case. Insurance companies will try to assert some contributory negligence or assumption of risk on your part to avoid having to pay out your claim. That's why you need a lawyer who will fight for you.

Seeking Full Compensation in Car Accident Cases

Serious injuries such as fractures can affect your life for months or even years into the future. If you have suffered a permanent injury such as damage to your spinal cord or a traumatic brain injury, you may need lifetime compensation. You will need money for medical bills, lost earnings potential, and pain and suffering for the rest of your life. If a loved one was involved in a fatal accident, we can also help you move forward with a wrongful death lawsuit.

Our goal in any car accident case is to help you obtain the largest possible monetary recovery for the damages you have suffered. As your personal injury lawyer, we will identify all sources of coverage (including stacking insurance policies and coverage for uninsured and underinsured drivers) that may apply in your auto accident case.

Free Attorney Consultation

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