Bicycle & Pedestrian Accidents

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Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can cause great suffering to the victims involved. If you were injured as a result of a bicycle or pedestrian accident, a competent lawyer can help you secure compensation for your injuries. If you are a bicyclist who is charged with a traffic violation, an attorney can assist you to defend against the traffic citation. A bicyclist that is unfamiliar with the trails may also receive a ticket because they are unaware that bicyclists are subject to the same traffic laws as cars.

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Receive Representation from an Avid Virginia Bicyclist

The picturesque quality of the surrounding Loudoun County area makes it perfect for bicyclists and pedestrians to enjoy. Problems arise, however, when drivers are not familiar with the paths and right-of-ways afforded to bicyclists and pedestrians. Many injuries have resulted from an unaware car driver colliding with a bicyclist along the 140 miles on the W&OD bike trail. A pedestrian can easily be hit by a car while trying to use a crosswalk, especially with the number of distracted drivers on the roads.

I know the rules of the road — I ride the trails regularly on my mountain bike and road bike and am familiar with the Leesburg area. Because of my knowledge, I will hire experts that can strengthen your personal injury case for injuries that occurred when riding or walking along any Northern Virginia bike path or road. I will also work to tenaciously represent the family of a victim in a wrongful death lawsuit if the accident was fatal.

Efficient and Inexpensive Traffic Citation Defense

We recently successfully defended a bicyclist who was charged for not having a headlight even though he had a headlamp that provided adequate lighting. If you receive traffic violation ticket while biking, our attorneys can counsel you on the local citation and court procedures. Our attorneys will be dedicated to resolving your case quickly and easily.

Free Attorney Consultation

We provide a free initial consultation with our personal injury attorney if you have been seriously injured in a bike or pedestrian accident. We will also defend you if you've been issued bicycle traffic citation. Call 703-777-6801. Our office is across from the Loudoun County courthouse in Leesburg.