Serious Felonies

When Your Liberty is at Stake, You Need a Lawyer Who is Trial Ready

It's one thing for a criminal defense lawyer to say they handle serious felony cases such as rape, manslaughter and capital murder. It's another thing for a lawyer to have actually tried these cases in front of a jury and obtained acquittals.

I am Alex Levay, a criminal defense lawyer in Leesburg, Virginia, and have done just that. Over the past 22 years, I have handled a number of high-profile criminal cases, including a federal capital murder case against a member of the MS-13 gang in which my Salvadoran client was eventually acquitted of all charges.

With more than 200 jury trials under my belt, I have obtained acquittals in numerous jurisdictions throughout Virginia in almost every kind of serious felony case, including:

  • Rape and other types of sex crimes as Aggravated Sexual Battery
  • Robbery and burglary
  • Abduction
  • Felony drug cases, such as drug possession, Possession with Intent to Distribute and distribution
  • Weapons charges
  • Felony white-collar crimes such as fraud, Embezzlement and Forgery
  • Murder (including capital murder, felony murder and manslaughter)
  • Appeals of felony convictions to the Virginia Court of Appeals and Supreme Court of Virginia

My law firm often represents people who believe they have been wrongfully accused or overcharged and want to have their day in court. Unlike some lawyers who try to talk their clients into plea agreements, we are not afraid to try cases. For us, the practice of criminal defense is about helping our clients obtain justice.

I believe that part of my success in jury trials is due to my ability to relate well to a broad spectrum of society. That might be because of my own diverse background and life experiences.

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