DUI Defense

Keeping Up With Changes in Virginia's DUI Laws

Virginia changes its drunk driving laws almost every year. If you face DUI charges, you need a defense lawyer who is in court every day, working on the latest twists and turns in the statutes and case law, as well as the ever-evolving technology that is used to measure the alcohol content of your blood or breath. Otherwise, you will be at an immediate disadvantage.

My name is Alex Levay and I am a criminal defense lawyer in Leesburg, Virginia, and my colleagues and I have that experience. Over the past 22 years, I have tried and obtained acquittals in numerous jurisdictions throughout Virginia in almost every kind of alcohol-related case, including DUI, vehicular assault and DUI manslaughter.

Our attorneys often represent people who can't afford to plead guilty to DUI charges. The consequences of pleading guilty to driving under the influence, especially if you have prior DUI convictions, can include loss of your driver's license, loss of your job and jail time. Unlike some lawyers who spend all their time discussing plea agreements, we aggressively search for viable defenses to argue at trial.

I am in Court Every Day

Unless your lawyer knows how to challenge the presumptions and inferences of blood and breath alcohol testing as well as field sobriety tests, your chances of success in a DUI case are not good. As lawyers who are in court every day, we also know all of the recent developments in Virginia DUI law.

We are familiar with the latest technology our state uses to measure your blood alcohol content. We have access to expert witnesses who can challenge that evidence in court.

We will also pursue constitutional challenges to your case. Did the police have a valid reason for pulling you over? Even if you were stopped as a result of a traffic violation, there may still be a constitutional defense that we can pursue to challenge the admissibility of the BAC and field sobriety tests. We also handle appeals of past DUI convictions.

Free Attorney Consultation

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